Question Black screen when i turn HDMI 2.0 mode on?

Dec 13, 2019
So, i have this 4k tv that i've been using as a monitor for the past 6 months. When i upgraded to an RX 580, the screen started going black every 2-20 minutes, so i switched the cable around and fixed that. But then, the refresh rate kept reducing to 59hz instead of 60hz, so i tried to set a custom resolution of 4k 60hz in radeon settings and now i get a black screen whenever i try to use any resolution in HDMI 2.0 mode, so i switched back to HDMI 1.4 from my TV settings. When the cable is plugged in in HDMI 2.0 mode i can't even use the TV's settings with the remote or the buttons on the side because it all goes invisible but it's still there. I've already deleted any custom resolutions, i tried to lower it to 1080p but i still get the same black screen in HDMI 2.0. Not even resetting the TV to factory settings worked. I'm thinking it may be a driver issue.
Does anyone know how to return to it's original state?