Black screen when start computer



I use a HP Pavilion tx2000 Notebook wtih Windows Vista.
Since yesterday, my computer would randomly turn blank and there is nothing I can do. I forced shut down it and then restarted. It worked just fine. After I made the computer sleep, I opened it up again to find the same thing. So i had to force shut down it. I tried restarting the computer but all I got was a black screen. The loading logo does not appear. The lights are on and the fan is running (louder than normal) I wait for a while but nothing changes. So I took out the battery and waited.

When I put it back in, it works just fine.

The next time my computer starts up, the black screen appears again. After several times of trying (and removing the batter) it finally works. I cant find a pattern between them.

Is this a virus? How do I fix it?
Thank you!!


Dec 22, 2008
Do you have another monitor to check if the random "blackout" stops...? It could be bad connection. If not, it could be your graphic card... Are you able to go into bios?