Question Black screen when trying to enter the BIOS, windows boot fine.

Oct 12, 2020
I built myself a computer 2 months ago and everything wad working fine, and still is, except for entering the bios. I could enter my mb (b550 tomohawk) bios just fine until I tried to this morning and it gave me a black screen after pressing delete. I can boot to windows just fine but if I try to enter my mb bios it keeps giving me a black screen.
The only thing that changed recently is that I replaced the rx580 from XFX with an rx 580 nitro+. Other than that no component has been changed.
Here are my parts :
  • MSI B-550 Tomohawk
  • 2x adata nvme ssd
  • ryzen 3900
  • dark rock pro 4 cpu cooler
  • RX 580 sapphire 8gb
  • 2x 16gb g.skill 3200 ddr4
I've tried the following to no avail : changing from a display port cable to an HDMI cable, unplugging everything beside the keyboard and monitor, resetting the CMOS by removing the battery for 20 seconds, and updating the BIOS to the latest version.