[SOLVED] Black screen when updating display drivers

G@MER 01

Oct 3, 2012
I recently got a laptop from a friend with a weird issue. Every time I update the Intel HD graphics driver on the laptop the screen goes black. When I restart the laptop displays until the windows logo and then turns completely black not even a mouse cursor. I can get into safe mode and uninstall the intel HD graphics but windows 10 keeps auto downloading the driver when updating. I have been able to install Windows 8.1 and turn off windows update but the problem then is that even when installing the 840m gpu driver and setting windows to always use the 840m it keeps using the MS basic driver. I have downloaded the display drivers direct from Intel and Dell's website with no luck. Is there any way to let the 840m work with the MS basic driver or a fix for this issue that anyone knows of?

Laptop Specs:
Dell Inspiron 5748
Core i7 4510U 2.0Ghz 4 Generation
8GB Ram DDR3
1TB Hard Disk
Nvidia Geforce 840M 2GB
Windows 8.1
17.3" Inch Screen


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