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Question Black screen while booting with USB


Apr 5, 2015
Hello! So, I was trying to reinstall Windows 10 after apparently my hard disk stopped doing noises and showed up on the BIOS menu, and it just won't boot after the laptop's logo and the spinning. It shows a black screen and won't go further after 5-10 minutes, which is the usual for this laptop to install Windows in case it still has data in it.
The first time I tried the USB boot, it worked, but I decided to cancel the installation since it was late at night.
After this, it shows a black screen like I said before. Any help here? What do I need to do in order to get it working? I tried formatting the flash drive and use the Media Creation Tool again, but it still won't work. Thank you!

P.S.: My laptop is an ASUS A531U. I have it since 2018.
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May 10, 2020
My situation is that I built a pc, moved an SSD from my old laptop to the built pc. The ssd has windows on it and the built pc boots fine with the "old" windows. I am trying to boot from USB a new clean install of windows and I want to format the ssd in the process, but I can't get past the black screen. Motherboard Asus z270-a.