Black Screen while Gaming, Bouncing performance and hicupps


Apr 15, 2016

Hi everyone,
my problem is :
screen go black gaming, gpu fan goes 100% and sounds cuts off after a while.
then have to reset to hear 3 shorts beeps and one long beeps then power off and on then works up normally
what i did :
1- researched alot of answers PSU is fsp hyper 700 watt for than enough for GPU (MSI RX480 8gb gamin X)
2- reseated the GPU into second slot, removed all other HDD, fans and DVD worked for awhile then same happens again.
3- tried to lower the GPU core voltage -56, power consumption -25 and forced constant voltage as mentioned in other threads ...... worked for mafia 3 until i finished the game but when playing frost punk the performance was really bad and had a lot of hiccups and the performance was jumpy (picture attached) and goes to black screen if i raised the graphics any higher.

is my PSU bad ?
is my GPU dead ? please i hope not
should i change from DVI (HP Compaq LA2205wg 22 inch monitor 1600*1050) to HDMI (Hisense 51 inch 1920*1080) and try ?
should reinstall fresh windows 10 or 7 ?
my Rig :
msi rx480 8gb gamin x
8 gb hyperx blue
gigabyte p85 gamin ver. 3
FSP hyper s 700 watt
1 micron ssd 120 gb
1 seagate hdd 250 gb
1 WD blue hdd 1 TB 7200 rpm
3 fans connnected 2 with red leds