Question black screen while playing games

Mar 2, 2022
So as the title says im having a black screen problem. First i was using a gtx 1060 in my pc. i recently started using a rtx 2060 super. Before i started using the rtx 2060 super i deleted the old nvidia drivers using ddu and did a clean install for the drivers of the rtx 2060 super. When i use my pc for daily use (watching youtube, browsing the internet, etc) it all works great but from the moment i launch a game after 10 to 15 seconds my monitors turn black and then say no signal, my pc is still on and running when i press the Windows key + enter to go from fullscreen to windowed i hear a sound but my monitors keep saying no signal. Then i have to hard reset my pc to be able to use it again. I have already tried reinstalling the drivers again with ddu, also tried a clean windows install, also tried putting the power limit lower using msi afterburner. I have done all these things but so far nothing has helped. If any one has any idea of what i could try that would be great cause im at a loss atm.