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Feb 20, 2022
I have a problem with an older laptop, it's a HP ProBook 4545s.
The problem started a couple of days ago. When I would turn on the laptop, Windows would start loading and it would boot to a black screen with the cursor. The first thing I tried were the advanced startup options, such as Safe Mode, which worked fine, but the rest of them, like low-resolution mode and the last good settings (or sth like that) and other options still had the problem. Then, I tried running sfc /scannow, but it found no problems. Since I could open Task Manager, I tried going using the registry editor to see if the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell was set to "explorer.exe", but I couldn't as the OS was very slow and unresponsive. I then booted into Safe Mode and checked it from there, and it was in fact set to "explorer.exe". I had read somewhere previously that I should try creating a new user, so I did, and it wouldn't even go past the "Starting up" screen when I would choose that user. One time, I turned the laptop on and let it sit in the black screen, and after a while Windows had loaded successfully - the next reboot it was back to the black screen. After some time and a lot of reboots while trying to solve the problem, the laptop will not even boot anymore. When I turn it on, I get greeted by a black screen with a blinking underscore in the top left corner. After some time, a lot of text starts showing up on the screen:




All the images are sorted chronologically, i.e. the screen on each image changes to that of the next image every few seconds.
Sorry about the bad image quality, you can find them in full size here: View:

Since then, I couldn't get it to boot even to the black screen. After that, I made a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive to try and use the "Startup repair" tool or whatever it's called. I set it as the main boot device and it showed the "Loading files" screen and after that, guess what it booted to? The black screen with a cursor, just in lower resolution.
About half an hour ago, I ran the HP system diagnostics from the startup menu. First, the memory check that was completed successfully, and then the hard disk check. I chose the quick check option, and this is what the tool found:


Could it be because of the hard drive? Why wouldn't the Windows setup work properly?
Please help, I have a lot of important data on this laptop and have tried everything to fix it, but no luck. Thanks in advance.
ya it could, windows installtion is actively looking through your harddrives to see if some windows installation is already present to offer you some recovery options before installation starts
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