Question Black screen with dash - unable to start bios

Jul 18, 2019

I have recently moved my computer and I was not able to start it since. I have removed everything from the case
currently, I have only the motherboard with the cpu, one stick of ram (to minimize possible flaws), and the power
supply and SSD (here is a picture of the build)

Here is what happens when I try to start it (there are 4 control LEDs on the Asus z370 g motherboard, BOOT, VGA,
  1. First, CPU LED blinks one time for a fraction of a second
  2. Then VGA LED lights up for a couple of seconds
  3. BOOT LED light up and stays that way
  4. Screen light up, it's a black screen with a dash
And I can not get to BIOS, it's like my keyboard is not recognized or something. However, the motherboard looks like
everything is okay. All LED lights (motherboard, RAM, cooler) turn on. And here is what I have tried:
  • restarting BIOS - did not change anything
  • use other RAM stick - nothing changed
  • remove RAM stick - did not start at all
  • remove CPU - did not start
  • check CPU socket pins - they look normal
I am running out of ideas and I have no idea where is the problem, motherboard? or CPU? or something else? And I have
no spare parts to change those components to see where is the problem. But the worst part is, I can not even get to BIOS.
Do you guys have any idea what else can I try?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.