Question Black screen with fans max crashes.


Jun 13, 2015
i ve been having some problems for some weeks now with my pc.
Asus rampage iv extreme mobo
16 GB ram g skill + 16 GB ram mushkin
i7 4820k proccessor cooled with a corsair liquid cooler
1080ti strix oc GPU
Seasonic x series PSU
some SSD drives and a big HDD
I run a 3 screen setup

It started in apex legends i was playing and suddenly the pc will go black and the fans will go at max speed, i had to manually shut it down and turn it on again, i then again tried to play again and the same problem ocurred.
i left at that for that day as it was late, at the next day i was able to play for some hours and then the same issue will happen.
i reinstalled drivers, followed some guide at nvidia forums using DDU, installed some old drivers that didnt work, then reinstalled the most recent
i started doing some fixes i found online, uninstalled latest windows update, uninstalled some software like cortex and NZXT Cam which controls my case lights.
i ran some cmd commands like scannow and chkdsk to see errors which is weird you know, cause my pc seems to be fine, but whenever this crashes appears and i restart my pc sometimes it will corrupt the disks which make me repairs them using this commands, other times i found apex (which is the game i try to test) uninstalled, after trying to install again, steam detect files and make it pop installed again.
after some basic fixes it seems i got an error that srttrail.txt wont be read so i needed to repair my pc so i also wanting to discard software issues did a windows clean install, i did a full clean install and after it was installed again i went ahead and paused all windows updates it worked well for a whole day then the problem came back
then i proceed to change pcie cables, i have tried already like 12 combinations of cables which oddly enough one give me solution and let me play for about 2 days but after that it reached the worst, now whenever i run a game like apex the crash will occur 10 second after the game starts.
i cleaned the gpu and changed thermal paste, i used grizzly kryonout.
The temps of the system are actually very stable gpu around 40 with the new thermal paste on iddle and around 65 when stressed (when i was able to play for some time at least) and CPU around 35 to 45c
The last error it did was a loop when turn it on, i was playing, the black screens fan max issue appeared so it shut it down, when i turn on the pc it would go like on for 3 second then off, then on again, then off like an infinite loop, i needed to turn off psu directly to end it, after that i turned it on and all went good.
After some time a friend said he had a gpu to borrow so we can test if it was the gpu.
he brought a 750TI :/
As it doesnt even need pins for it to run i thought wow i dont really think this can work as test, it worked good i was able to play apex in very low graphics and 45 frames but it worked, again i was a bit deceived about it cause i really couldnt test that much, but then (remember i said i run a triple monitor setup?) i went to check online if the gigabyte version supported triple monitor cause i saw my monitors laying down there black and cold so after veryfing it does have support i went and tried.
Problem started:
First i it wont give signal, not even the press f2 to go to bios, nothing... pure black so i was like, those bastards lied to me, so i disconnected the other monitors and after restart it went good but i remember they did said the gpu did support multi monitors so I wanted to try again, this time i logged in the OS first, opened nvidia panel and started plugging monitors, they started giving picture and appeared listed in the multiple screens tab from the nvidia panel, i went and plug all of them and exit, i had it again triple monitor setup but then after a minute or less
you guess... black screen and probably fan rev i dont really know the gigabyte have one little fan so it started spinning i was not able to hear anything. turned off pc disconnected other monitors and here i am.

I installed my 1080ti again and now it crashes as soon as the log in screen appears.

now i have the feeling is my PSU, cause it gave problems with the 750ti too, at nvidia they lean towards the gpu, even my ram could be the problem, i did the mem test and tried each stick by stick, all made apex crash at same conditions, at this point i know something hardware is faulty i just want to try to exactly know which one cause i want to invest my money into the right direction and avoid waisting into something that at the end wont fix my pc

so if you could please help me i will be grateful with you for the rest of my life

In case it seems PSU recommend any Brand for a 1080ti strix oc?