May 24, 2020
I put my pc at sleep and when i came back everything was on, but on monitor was black screen with my cursor. I went ctrl alt del and i saw the hand cursor when i would cross across the place where the buttons on the menu were. But i was able to control pc it was working. Now after a restart everything is normal. Any fix? This sort of errors is happening to me with 3 gpus and every time it was diffrent. On old r9 380 4gb it was happening while playing only csgo. My game would freeze go black screen if i pressed anything on keyboard or mouse withing the freeze, and if i didnt my game would either crash or get invisible i can control it but i see the part of desktop (csgo is on 1280x960).

After r9 380 started going black screen and crashing when it gets on load in repair service they said the chip is the problem and there is no fix. After that i had gtx 260 temporary and same thing was happening only on csgo. Now i have gtx 560 msi and it didnt happen in any game only this time after 7 days it happened while pc was on sleep. I check my temps cpu is not going more than 75 on full load and gpu is less than 70c when gaming. On idle gpu is around 53 or 54 and cpu is on 35-40. Im just being frustrated because the pc cant be running without problem for over a year. While i had r9 380 4gb gddr5 msi one i used 400w chieftec psu pc was going blackscreen sometimes. Now it didnt happen till now(When a game is not on) These are my specs:

i7 870 on base clock 2.93 ghz
4x2 gb of ram ddr 3 1333mhz
Patriot Burst Elite 120gb
250gb Seagate Baracuda hdd
LC Power 550w 6650 v2.2 psu
Msi GTX 560 1gb of gddr5