Jul 16, 2019
Hey there!
As the title says, I´m running into a black screen and I´m not hearing any POST-sound as soon as I jump my new motherboard.
Well, I think I´ve run into the same problem as some others here, but I can´t seem to find the solution - I´m hoping for any reasonable advice as I´m seriously trying to figure out what the problem is.

So, let´s get to the Hardware I am currently using ...
  • a MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • a be quiet! PSU (Pure Power 11 - 700W)
  • an AMD A8-9600 as a replacement for a following AMD Ryzen 5/7 - 36/700X
  • and DDR4 RAM of course (3200mhz)
By the way, the only active LED is the VGA and the RAM-LEDs.

Thanks in advance,

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Also, I´ve already tried everything that comes to my mind except re-installing the A8-9600 cpu in order to verify once again that no pin or whatsoever has been damaged.
Apart from that, I should´ve connected everything as it should be and the manuals provided by MSI did not provide any suitable answers for my problem.
I´ve also tried running my system with my old GPU (MSI R9 380), but that didn´t work either.
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