Nov 3, 2019
Hi to everyone,

I was running Ubuntu before without any trouble , I wanted to install Windows 10, in the installation process I don't have any trouble, once installation process finalized and the desktop shows up everything looks fine. The problem appears after the first reboot, when the installations of the updates its at 48%, the screen goes black and nothing shows up.

I restarted the computer and nothing, the led of my screen goes from green to orange like my computer was turned off.
I installed an old graphics card in my computer and that "solved" the problem, I have image in my computer, but in this case this graphic cards its creating a bottle neck, I want to use the integrated graphics.

I tried to install again windows 10 and I installed the drivers for AMD before the first reboot, but once again I run in the same situation, and only the graphic card solved the situation.

Also I tried to use different outputs of my computer but nothing, at this point I ran out of ideas.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g
MOBO: B450 Aorus M
Storage: 120GB Kingston SSD
Ram : Kingston 16 GB Ram
GPU: Zotac Gt 210