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Question Black screen

Sep 10, 2019
Hi all. So I’m not the best with PC’s but I know how to do the odd thing here and there. So I have:

ASUS H110M - R
i7 6700k
gtx 1660ti oc
8gb of ddr4 ram at 2300mhz.
Cooler Master cpu cooler

I wanted to ugrade my ram to 16gb so I purchased Hyper X’s 16gb kit at 3200mhz. I have an ASUS h110m - R motherboard and I Have a coller master cpu cooler and the black fan blocks the ram slots so I removed the black fan took it off and installed the new RAM. I turned on my ram and went to my BIOS and bang it was there 16gb of ram but it was running at 2300mhz so I thought this was strange but I went to YouTube and saw that this was normal and the frequency could be turned up.

So I went to my bios and i changed the frequency to 3200 and once I did this I saved it and went to my task manager and it said I was still at 2300mhz so I went back to my bios and there was another box to with the frequency so I changed that to 3200 MHz and saved it then my screen was black and it kept saying ‘no signal found’.

I started to panic and saw that you could reset the bios by using a jumper switch or something but I saw you could use paper clips and it didn’t work so it hen removed the battery on the motherboard and that didn’t work. My jumperswitch header is behind my gpu so I did have to remove it each time to attempt it and I left my pc off whilst I did it but still no result. I really need help and it would be much appreciated if anyone takes the time to read this.
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