Question Black Screen

Aug 9, 2020
I bought a pc from ibuypower about 3 months ago. After about a week or two of having it I started getting random black screens on both my monitors. I've tried other monitors does the same thing, I've made sure my driver is up to date, I've tried different hdmi cords and display cords, Windows is up to date, I've removed the gpu and reinstalled, I received a new brand new gpu, monitors are up to date, I went to power plan> changed advanced settings > PCI express > link state > turned that off (Watched some video recommending that), ibuypower replaced my ram. Still running into the same issue...I have very little knowledge on tech for pcs I just enjoy playing games at a decent setting. If it helps I have a AMD 5 Ryzen 3600 CPU, GPU is a MSI ventus geforce GTX 1600ti 6gb, 16gb ram, and not sure what other details you need. Like I said it'll let me play games then random black screen. I can hear friends on discord and communicate to them but I have no display. Every time it has done it a random ass (maybe the cpu fan?) will kick on very fast and loud. One night it did it three times in a row then let me play the rest of the night with no issues. I apologize for the mass message and I appreciate any help you guys can offer.

I monitor my temps and nothing gets above average.