Question Black screening constantly

Nov 26, 2022
As of yesterday my pc has been black screening constantly every 5-10 mins of usage. It reboots and is stuck in 720p can up it in settings to 1080p (my monitor is 1440p)
What I’ve tried so far is updating gpu drivers, changing wall sockets, removed one monitor from my setup, underclocked everything via bios, turned of game mode and over clocking software, changing video cable and I’ve replugged everything.

it has literally been fine for the past 3 months…

specs are as follows
AMD ryzen 7 2700x
32 gib trident z memory running at 2600mhz
Rtx 2080 turbo
Brand new motherboard I can’t remember name sorry.
And a brand new viewsonic 1440p 165hz monitor…
Ps; after reboot punk bars/dots appear in loading screen and on desktop home screen.

update: it’s gotten progressively worse and now there is pink lines and dots everywhere, I can’t use my main monitor and this was all after I just reset windows…
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