Question Black screens, GPU fans full powered after loading/playing games for 10 mins..... GPU temps don't go above 44 degrees celcius


Jan 3, 2019
Hello friend
Temps are in celcius

So I am having issues with my computer. After about 10 mins of play, my computer crashes. When it crashes, my two monitors go black, I can hear the game, and my GPU's fans go full speeds. I have read an article talking about the thermal paste on the card, maybe that may be the reasoning but I am not sure. Also, I have read that it may be a PSU. The PSU is brand new

I have checked the temps with HWInfo. I am getting average of 42-44 degrees on the GPU and 60ish degrees on the CPU. We've checked drivers and I had none installed. Installed drivers via driver easy. We've had better performance, but still crashes occasionally. I've had a time or two where the computer just restarts. Screen turned black, RGB lights turn off next, then the computer will finally turn off. Then it reboots normally. just randomly during a game.

Typically though, temps will not rise past 44 degrees on GPU, which seems to be the issue.
Anyone have any clue what is going on?

I have been playing alllll day with out a single problem. all day. From 11am to 8PM, then the problems started hitting.

the rig is:
CPU: Intel 9900K - 5 months old
GPU: 2080ti zotac (used but barely)
PSU: Power Supply 850mW Fully Modular 80+ Gold Certified with Addressable RGB Light - Vairous Color Mode, GAMEMAX RGB850 Rainbow 5 months
RAM: 16 Gbs 3200 hz corsair venegeance

Thank you in advanced!