Question Black screens randomly

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I have just found something. I think this might be a power issue. I have continued to use the GTX 1050 and held a "grin and bear it" kind of attitude to the black screens until I save up.
Next to my desk I have a wall receptacle with 4 outlets.
Outlet 1: Plugged into my monitor only
Outlet 2: Plugged into my pc only
Outlet 3: Plugged into my soundbar
Outlet 4: Plugged into a power strip.
I have been messing around with an old power supply (safety first) and have been using it plugged into the power strip plugged into the same receptacle as the monitor and pc. It will be turned into a lab bench PSU once some connectors come in the mail. The power supply has been configured with a switch mounted to short the "PSU ON" green wire to ground to turn on the PSU outputs. A green LED with current limiting 220ohm resistor has been mounted as the only output to the +5v rail so the LED lights up when the outputs have been turned on. I noticed every time I would turn on the power strip with the PSU plugged in I either see a single line running across my monitor at a random spot or a black screen for a second. Even if I just turn on the power strip with just my phone plugged into it, I still see a line running across the screen for a second. This happens EVERY time. The screen still randomly blanks aswell.
The lights in the room don't dim and the breaker isn't tripped, but my pc black screens.
What do you think?
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Mar 14, 2019
Well from what you've mentioned above, it actually seems like a power supply issue.
But the only way to make sure that it is a power supply issue is by getting another power supply and testing it, i don't really know any other way