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Question Black strip/tape that comes on with the GPU & Cooler

Apr 24, 2020
Black strip/tape that comes on with the GPU & Cooler

So I recently just applied thermal paste for the first time on my pre-built PC which I got 3 years ago and when I opened it up. I found a black strip/tape taped onto the GTX 1080 & CPU Cooler (not sure if it is the cooler, you can check in the pictures). FYI the model is a ROG G20CB Oculus Ready. I had to remove both strips in order to apply the paste on both parts and now it’s loose and I’m still considering if I should tape it back because it might cause me problems thus I am here (I repasted both the GPU & CPU). I don’t know what the tape is exactly for, it maybe for insulation or it serves as a backplate for the GPU.

And what should I do if I need to tape it back? It’s very loose. And I assume when the system operates it’ll blow off the tape.

Here’s a gallery

View: https://imgur.com/a/CzdTEy3

View: https://imgur.com/a/PhQxtis

Thanks for your help.
Normal GPU's dont have that on it. My guess is the card is inside a tightly packed case and this is just a protectant cover to make sure nothing shorts out the back side of the card if you move the case around.

I would say you dont technically need it but i would have to see the rest of the case to make a 100% assessment on that.
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