Blank PC at Startup


Aug 10, 2015
It's gonna be a bit long. So feel free to ask for more information if it's still not clear.

I just bought a new case. Move the motherboard and everything into the new case and done assembling it. So with all set, I turn on the PC and it's not turning on.

I suspect that it might be because the power switch cable from the case is broken. So I tried to swap it's position with the reset switch. And just as I thought, it works. The PC is turning on.

But after the PC succesfully turned on, the screen shows nothing. It's just blank and black. So I turn it off, disconnect all of the case's jumper cable and then turn the PC back on by triggering the jumper pin with the screwdriver. Unfortunately, the blank screen still persist.

So I wait it out for about 6 hours. After that 6 hours, I removed all of my componenst from the case and assemble everything outside the case to see if the problem came from my hardware. So it's all set, I trigger the jumper pin with a screwdriver and voila! The PC turned on and it works like it usual. It can boot too windows too.

So I decided to put everything back into the case. And I tried to re-arrange the jumper cable too. And guess what? The damn blank screen returns. I tried again with the screwdriver after that and the problem still persist.

So what seems to be the problem here? I'm a bit of a dum-dum when it comes to electrical problem but is that what this is? Is this because of the faulty jumper cable from the case?

System spec's (CPU, motherboard, PSU, memory) help.

But first things first: the obvious thing is the power switch cable is indeed defective, but you might be shorting the motherboard out by letting it contact the bottom tray too. Make sure all stand-offs are correctly located, then try turning on the board by shorting the motherboard pins the power switch cable attaches to. If it works, you found the problem.