Blank screen on motherboard boot. No POST

Hey guys,

I'm getting pretty irritated over this new motherboard. I just got an ASRock Extreme3 Z77, and its been a hassle from the first time I got it out of the box. Putting it in and booting it, I realized I would have to do a fresh install of Windows, which I did with a new copy.

Got into Windows for awhile and started installing the motherboard drivers from the CD. Went fine, but every time my computer would restart for the drivers, it wouldn't shut off all the way. It would take at least 30 tries and some random disassembling to get it to work again.

Got the drivers in finally after a few hours of trying to boot my computer. I tried to install some other things, which were not a success as I had to restart the computer to do so.

I got irritated, and looked up on this forum how to solve the problem. On step 2 of a guide I found on here, it stated something about motherboard risers. I took out the motherboard and inspected. Low and behold, there was a riser I missed from my old motherboard that I removed shortly after. I got a computer that booted perfectly and turned off perfectly.

I thought it was fine and I was done. I went to dinner, came back, and the same thing is happening again. I'm about to RMA this board for another one. Its having the same problem as a few hours ago.

The problem:
I boot the computer using the power button. Nothing happens. The fans start whirring and the lights on my fan controller and other stuff start working. Sounds like its booting up. But nothing happens. Sometimes I can get it to run through the motherboard BIOS, but I am currently going through some other ideas I am coming up with.

I don't have another computer to test, as I only brought this one and my aging MacBook to college.

My build is in my signature. I also have a GTS250 for Physx. All parts were working before I swapped from a MSI Z68MA-G45.

When I can get it to boot, it works fine with no issues. My video actually looks clearer than it was beforehand.

I'd love some help on this problem. If I have to RMA the board, so be it, but this is my last resort really. (Tom's that is)