Question Blank screen on new PC ?

Jan 9, 2022
Hi! I have built a new pc (my third), plugged in the usb key with windows installation, powered on and.. nothing. Just a black screen and all the fan spinning. My tv is receiving signal but not showing anything. I switched the cable with another one, switched It from external gpu to integrated graphics, changed monitor, nothing. I tried to run It with only gpu or only integrated graphics and nothing changed.

I Changed RAM, HDD, CPU and nothing. Reset CMOS, nothing. Changed motherboard, nothing. I don’t know what to do, can someone help me? Tomorrow I’ll receive a buzzer to know something more.

this is my build:

Mobo: MSI B450 gaming plus MAX
CPU: Amd Athlon 3000G
Cpu cooler: stock
GPU: Sapphire RX6600
Ram: Crucial 2666mhz 8gb DDR4
Psu: Corsair RM850x