Question Blender GPU upgrade help


Basically anything else.

You are just at the cutoff for support. Just depends on what you want to spend, and the limits of your PSU without replacing it.

RX 6800 would probably be a good choice if you like AMD. That will get you 16GB of VRAM which should come in handy. A good budget choice would be the RX 6650XT.

On the Nvidia side you are going to end up with less VRAM for the money, but you could look at 3080 10GB or 12GB if you can find a reasonable price. Other wise it is down to 8GB for the 3060Ti -> 3070Ti with the RTX 3060 sitting with 12GB, but a lot less computational power.

You would probably want a PSU upgrade for the 6800 or 3080. You could get an an between like a 6700 XT.

As for other upgrades, you probably should bump the 1700X up to a 5700X, Should just need a simple BIOS update.
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