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Question Blind dos gpu bios flash not working on a weird card


Nov 11, 2018
So I am not sure if it's worth your guys time or not. It is about a weird gt220 and I'm tempering with it just out of curiosity but I have hit a wall.
So I got a zotac 512mb ddr3 gt220 a while back for an old Dell optiplex with a core 2 duo lying around. But it had very wierd specs. The bios was not official and it had 64bit memory bus(there is no single retail gt220 with 64bit memory bus all are 128bit, I'm not sure if u can mod memory bus in bios) and 128 mb of Gddr3 instead of ddr3. Bios version was 70.16.2f.00.00. so I tried to flash original bios from techpowerup on it and it bricked. As I don't have any PC with CPU having integrated graphics and nor I have a PCI display card so my only option was blind bios flash. So after 1.5-2 hrs of trying weird autoexec files and typing manually commands on blind screen I flashed it back, hurray. But it was the original bios that I had saved that worked so it had same weird specs. So again I tried a online bios with exact number as stated above from again techpowerup only it was inno3d's bios. So it got bricked worst than last time. Now not only there is no display but also it beeps twice at start. And now the blind flash to original bios also doesn't work. I think it's registering as a serious mismatch. I have tried autoexec file. Manually typing. Smashing y after command but nothing works. I tried nvflash --protectoff command but it also gives 2 beeps (different from PC startup beeps, like typical gpu high frequency beeps) instead of single beep that usually is heard in windows nvflash. So this is where I stand. If u got any suggestion please let me know im willing to try anything for science. Unfortunately I tried but I can't source a PCI display card online and all shops are closed due to current situation, also I don't have any Mobo with 2 pcie so simple 2nd gpu will not work. Blind flash is the only option. So if any of u knows the problem I'm having or the solution plz let me know.
Thanks for reading.