Question Blinking power light ?

Mar 15, 2023
My case is cooler master td500 mesh v2 and I have a weird problem. Whenever I turn my pc on, everything works fine but my power light keeps blinking at a steady pace. If I shut down and re open it or just restart the computer, the blinking stops and it becomes a steady light. What could be the reason power light blinks when I first start the pc?

P.s: it keeps blinking till I restart the PC, so waiting doesn't make it stop.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

That said:

Look in the motherboard's User Guide/Manual and in the Case documentation.

Either one or both documents should provide some explanation about the meanings of the power light:

  1. being off
  2. on and blinking
  3. on and solid (not-blinking)

Could be other possibilities if the power light can change colors.

Likely the power light is just providing an indication that power is present via the power cord even if the PC is physically switched off.

One very good reason to unplug a computer when working inside the case despite the power button/power light being "off".