Question Block Wireless Access to Router Settings

Tiago Arlan

Feb 1, 2014

The default router login page is
I can access said Router Login Page thru LAN on Desktop and Wifi on my Laptop and other wireless devices connected to the network.

How will i block access to the Router Login Page that uses Wifi? I want to set the Router to only allow access thru LAN on Desktop or LAN on my Laptop.

Second,i currently plug my Desktop LAN on LAN Port 1 on Router,i can access as Router Login Page.
I transfered and plugged the Desktop LAN on ETHERNET Port 1 on Router,i can still access but the gateway address changed to 10.70..* as the Router Login Page.

Can someone help me understand why the second thing is happening? thank you in advance.

I have no idea where you are getting 10.70.x addresses from. You likely have some other device that is giving out that address.

Most routers have a option that only allows them to be configured via the lan. Used to be the option to use wifi to configure was always disabled by default. Seems they have decided that security is not as important and allowing lazy people easy use.
I am still not sure how you have hooked up your pc.

From the display the ISP is using 10.x.x.x ip addresses on the wan. Not sure why they are using private IP on the wan but for most people it causes no issues. The 192.168.x.x ip are used by your router on your internal lan.

The setting to prevent the ability to admin the device via wifi will likely be in the wifi tab or the system tab


Jan 27, 2011
Some routers have ACCESS POINT ISOLATION or WIFI ISOLATION or Client Isolation which won't allow anything connected to wifi, to be able to connect to any other devices on the network, only to the internet :

Some routers also have built in Guest Networks which you can enable and just have everyone connect to that instead.

Can your ISP router be placed in "BRIDGED" mode? If so, then you can place it in bridge mode and use it like a modem. Then just connect it to the WAN port of a router that you buy yourself.