Blocking individuals internet access?


May 4, 2010

I am setting up a network for a friend with children. He has a BT homehub and wants to block their access between certain hours. However by using access control on BT it tells you that you have been blocked which is no good as he cannot feign ignorance and pretend he doesn't know what to do (as his kids will pester him to fix it). He therefore wants to block their access more discreetly (as if the internet was generally timing out or messing up instead of actually displaying they have access control).

Is there a way to block an individual's access on the router without blocking everybody either on a timer or manually done each time (thus if there isn't a way of automating it he can at least do this manually each time).

I can't remember how the people on this forum are, but if I remember correctly they are very helpful and you don't usually get Yahoo Answers style answers saying 'just tell them they aren't to use the internet during that time' but if there is anybody out there who is considering answering with something that doesn't address the problem I would rather they don't if they can restrain themselves.

Anyway thanks in advance community


The time limits in NetProtect are very good and he should start with that and explain to them that they have time limits because he is a responsible parent. He should not try to feign ignorance. However, if he does decide to go that way, he may be able to set up time limits in the router configuration pages -- many routers have that feature available and there is no explanation, they simply cannot connect.