Question Blocking p2p with asus router


Jun 2, 2017
I currently have an ASUS RT-AX88u with up to date stock firmware (3

Yesterday I noticed a house hold member (someone on my network) is able to torrent with out a vpn now under Aiprotection/parental controls/Web and app features. The ability block p2p seems to have gone have asus removed this feature??
Torrent is not really p2p that is more of a gaming thing. In addition there is a special feature called UPnP that makes it work. Some torrent clients can use UPnP to open ports.

Torrent is designed to get past most restrictions back when ISP attempted to block it. Depending on the client it will attempt to use many different ports to get out. It will even use HTTP or HTTPS ports which you can not block unless you never use web browsers.

What tends to be pretty easy to block and is blocked by default in most cases it the ability to seed or share files to other people. That tends to be the one that gets people in more trouble than just downloading stuff. Normally you must put in port forward rules to be able to host files for other users.

Since you can't completely stop it the best solution is to limit the bandwidth for all traffic coming from the machine you suspect. That will limit even someone who is using a vpn.