Question Blu-ray drive problems on Windows 11 but not on Windows 10 ?

So, as I usually say on the rare occasions when I start a thread, I rarely start threads because I almost always can sort things out on my own or with the help of Google. Or other ambassadors/moderators. Occasionally though I get stumped too.

This is one of those occasions.

I have a Pioneer BDR-XD05S external USB Blu-Ray drive that I cannot get to burn BD discs at all on Windows 11. It will burn DVDs and CDs fine. It still burns BD discs fine in Windows 10 if I move it to another system.

I have tried about everything including checking for updated firmware, which there is none. Making sure I am using the latest Pioneer high speed USB driver. I've tried a few different burning utilities including the paid version of DVD fab which I've used with no problems for years now, then tried the Leewoo free BD burning software which is somewhat sketchy but works fine as well on another system with Windows 10 and I've also tried Imgburn. I may have also tried a few others, but nothing so far has worked. Since I moved this system to Windows 11 I have not been able to burn any movies at all to BD disc.

If anybody has any idea WHY that might be, I'd really be interested in hearing about it.


Seems impossible that Microsoft would not address or even allow the inability to play BD discs in Windows 11. Why in the hell would they do, or allow, that? Makes zero sense honestly. I get what you are saying, I'm just not sure that what is being said in those links is accurate or related. They play fine on my Windows 11 system, and the fact is that there has not been "native" BD support in ANY version of Windows. You have always had to have a third party player for BD playback. Which I agree, is also stupid. But it's a licensing issue with the Blu-Ray disc association, and prior to that it was almost entirely because of Sony, who held the rights before they relinquished them to the BDA.