Blu ray subtitles

Feb 4, 2019
Hey guys i need ur help, i just bought xbox one s mostly for 4k blu ray, but my blu ray disc support only English and German subtitles and i want to add other subtitle but i dont know if there is any way to do this, i just saw a way with blu ray optical drive that u also download the app u can insert the disc to optical drive and u can add subtitles and i think i understand this way, but whats the important of blu ray optical drive???? I cant do this using my xbox one s??? Guys i hope u can help me

Edit: can i use my xbox one s as optical drive? I mean to plug my pc with xbox one s, after to download the app that allow me to add the subs that i want , will it work? I know thats its too complicated but i dont know how to explain it better
BluRay movie disks are read-only, playable with BlueRay "optical drive". I don't know whether your XBO has one, and whether it's 4k compatible. Assuming it is, you have two options, and they are usually illegal:
- rip your movies, find titles, combine them back
- "find" your movies already mixed with subtitles

Please don't ask here how, or where from.