Question Blue LED blinking on Samsung 943n when vga cable is connected ?

May 16, 2021
Hello everyone,

i have a Samsung monitor 943n not powered on at the beginning.
I change all capacitors and the high voltage transformer and now when powered on it displays the "Check Signal Cable" message on the screen correctly.

The problem is that when i connect the vga cable the monitor has the blue led blinking once every sec and not display anything.
I try change vga cable same thing. I try another monitor with this vga cable and it works.

Does anyone can help me what to look next ?
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1. Verify the monitor's power cord is plugged firmly into the wall outlet and the back of the monitor.
  1. Verify the monitor cable is firmly connected to the computer and the monitor.
  2. Verify that you have turned the monitor power switch on.
  3. If the power light on the monitor is not on, test the wall outlet (plug in a light or something you know works).
  4. If the power light on the monitor is not on, try a different power cord.
  5. If the power light is on and yellow or orange or flashing, but nothing displays, or the display is incorrect, borrow a monitor from a friend. If that works, your monitor probably needs replaced.
  6. Also, you could try your display on a friend's computer. If it doesn't work, your monitor probably needs replaced. If it works properly on your friends computer, the problem may be with your computers video output port, motherboard video chip (or video card, if you have one), or drivers.

other answers after that. could be one of the capacitors you replaced isn't working right.

blue light means its in standby mode, almost all samsung monitors still have it. It used to annoy me so much I used to turn a monitor off at night.. that was a bad idea as the power switch stopped working. I now have an LG with no standby light. perfect.
May 16, 2021
Thanks, i allready check another cable and computer.

The next thing is to try to replace again the capacitors

Thanks for your info anyway