blue screen 1033 bccode 116 when windows start up


Sep 9, 2012
hi. im having a really strange problem that make me crazy! im looking and trying everything!

Suddenly my screen goes to sleep mode when win7 start up. In safe mode I can see everything, when I uninstall the gpu drivers, everything works fine. I have tried install the latest drivers of nvidia, I have tried using the oldest drivers too. I have tried restoring the system (using the soft acronis true image), I even format the pc, and star with a clean new win7, but when I put the nvidia drivers, the problems appear again! And the rarest thing is sometimes, only sometimes, the problem doesn't happen and everything works great! But when I restart the pc, the problem appears again. I checked the temperature, and works fine.
i have tried with other monitors and happen the same.

I have no idea what could it be. And im thinking in send the graphic card to repair, but I want to ask here first, because I don’t want to be cheated.
And I need the pc for work (I’m a visual fx artist and the pc is my work tool).

I have:
intel i7 3930k 3.20ghz.
Mother asus sabertooth x79
Corsair revenge ddr3 ram
Nvidia geforce gtx 670
dell monitor 2309w
Source thermaltake 850w
hard disk solid state corsair force GS

This is the problem that appear when I get into safe mode (its in Spanish, I hope this won’t be a problem):
Firma con problemas:
Nombre del evento de problema: BlueScreen
Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
Id. de configuración regional: 1033

Información adicional del problema:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA8030CB6010
BCP4: 000000000000000A
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Archivos que ayudan a describir el problema:

Lea nuestra declaración de privacidad en línea:

Si la declaración de privacidad en línea no está disponible, lea la declaración de privacidad sin conexión:

here is a capture of the temperature (to make sure that everything its okay)

Im from Argentina, and the graphic card I have buy it in New York on Christmas in 2012. But I don’t think the warranty work here.

I hope anyone can help me, for us, in Argentina, the electronic things are really expensive and hard to buy, and buy this machine cost me a lot of work, and I really need it working perfectly for my works!

Thanks for read this!



Sep 9, 2012
Hi, if someone read this.
i had change my graphic card and this problem dissapeared, but other problems appear.
i have send my graphic card to fix, and still have the same problem.

but when i change from pci port, everything resolved! so i send my mother to warranty!

hope this been usefull

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