Question Blue screen after few minutes on 1080Ti


Jan 14, 2019
I have strix 1080ti and I am really tired of this issue. I get blue screen after few minutes. Previously I was getting blue screen for few seconds and then it reverts back to window with following error message:

''Display driver nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 416.94 stopped responding and has been successfully recovered.''

128gb ssd
500gb hdd
tx750m 80+ gold psu
coolermaster ml360r liquid cooler

gpu temps are find i played ac odyessy for 3 to 4 hours it never crashed during games. i also run furmark and 3d mark on 100% usage it never crashed on load and temps were below 70 with 40% fan speed. Gives blue screen without any load.

I searched over the internet and a guy was telling in video to change values in TdrDelay=2 and TdrLevel=0.

I changed these values and now when I get blue screen it do not reverts back to windows and ihave to restart my pc.
I did stress test using furmark and 3dmark on 100% usage it never crashed and temps were below 70 degree with 40% fan speed.

I am really tired of this issue it ruined my life. Please help to sort out this problem.

Note:I have attached event log file here:
you can check it for any error message. It gave blue screen on 9:03 I restarted it then again it gave blue screen on 9:27 and I restarted it.
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