Blue screen after fresh instill window 7 ssd


Nov 14, 2016
. I have a question. I have built the new rig and got the window 7 pro 64 bit on a USB and cd and ive tryed several times to install it on the new 480 ssd SanDisk and it fails it either blue screen and restars or restart and then gets an error message but no code.
I disconect the other spare ssd I try copying the old windows from the old ssd to the new one and give it a fresh install that way. But it still didnt work. It came up with a error message 0x1820E095.

Tryed again and it still didnt work I tryed doing a fresh install onto the old drive and that failed aswell same message.

My rig has the MSI X99A plus
Rx480 8gb radeon gpu

Vengence ram 4x8 ram stick[32gb]
Intel 5280k 6 core cpu

Ssd 480 SanDisk
Oc 245 ssd
Wd 2tb hdd
Wd 1tb hdd

Coolmaster v8 cooler
Case is Aerocool gts black.

What is happening!
I have also wiped the ssd deleted the partiin and re formated the ssd muktiple times which ended in the same result. I can not boot from safe mode. Message says window can not boot in safemode because it was unsuccessfully.

Im stuck please help

Is their a compatability issue with the graphic card. Should I get the gtx1060 strix instead as I wilk be useing this rig for dynamic and rendering?
Welcome to Tom's Hardware, @adrian_78!

I believe you might be dealing with an OS Confusion if you are trying to clean install Windows 7 onto the new SSD and still have all other secondary drives connected to the motherboard. The surest way to get the OS properly installed onto the new destination boot drive is to keep all other secondary HDDs and SSDs disconnected from the motherboard. Once you have Windows 7 up and running from the new SSD, plug back the secondary drives and make sure you get rid of the old Windows installation by reformatting the old booting drive.
Make sure you backup all important data somewhere off-site before you proceed to tamper with the storage configuration. Having a duplicate of your files will definitely keep your peace of mind and save you from any potential data loss.

Hope this helps you. Keep me posted if you have more questions! :)