Question Blue screen after GPU driver installed ?

May 14, 2021
So i have been strugling for 3 months to get my GTX Asus ROG 1080 to work again. One day i installed the latest driver from geforce experience and later used boost mode in GPU Tweak II for better performance in COD Warzone. The next day the screen just went black during normal use. omegle xender Troubleshooting: It seems like i tried everything so i'll just list all the things.

  • First i changed my PCI-e slot then I tried to get it running on another computer but was met just with a black screen in both cases.
  • I reinstalled the driver and uninstalled the GPU Tweak app using a different gpu.
  • I installed a clean install of windows,
  • updated Bios version of motherboard and installed no programs except geforce experience.
  • After watching numerous videos I updated the firmware and totally dissasembled it and cleaned it with WD40 and a toothbrush.
  • I reapplied the thermal pads and thermal paste and after that I was able to get into the Bios and Windows loading screen with a HDMI plugged into the broken card.
Still after the computer got to openning windows it crashed with a blue screen of death with the stop code:"SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED'' what failed:nvlddmkm.sys. When the automatic system repair ran it then crashed with a stop code DPC_WATCHDOG VIOLATION. Sometimes I can get past the blue screens into windows for a few seconds with the gpu working because the screen resolution is maxed out but then it freezes and crashes with a blue screen.

With the driver uninstalled i can see the gpu in HWINFO and it says it's running on only 8 PCIE lanes. I have removed everything that uses PCIE and it never went to 16x. When I used a 2060 Super it ran on 8 lanes also. I have also been noticing that sometimes when i pull the gpu out some static shocks me on the case.

As a side note I have also been thrown into a GNU GRUB version 2.04-9 instead of the startup screen and once immediately after reinstalling the gpu the screen was stuck on orange with white vertical lines. The computer operates normally in safe mode.

The only things i haven't tried yet are using a different psu and as seen on the internet using a heat gun on it to try and reflow it.
Please help me solve this dear netizens and fellow nerds and I will be eternally grateful.

My computer specs are below and in attached photo:
CPU: intel i7-6700K
MOBO:Msi z170a krait gaming 3x
GPU: Nvidia GTX Asus ROG 1080
PSU:EVGA 650W Gold plus
Storage:240GB Samsung SSD
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