Blue Screen after I play games for a bit


May 6, 2013
I have had a recent issue that whenever I play games, sooner or later, my computer will go to a flickering black screen before it shows a blue screen before shutting off. From what I have been able to discover, my computer is running abnormally hot, even when not running programs, and I sometimes see a message about my video card having an error and trying to reover. I notice that my fan is quite noisy for the most part as well. I had had a similar issue before, but tech support just replaced my video card, motherboard, and fan. Now that the issue has returned, they believe that my video card is broken, but it seems to happen only when i play games; watching movies or doing anything else does nothing to the performance of my computer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The specs and any other useful (or not) information is as follows:

Dell XPS 8000 (bought in 2009)

Graphics card : NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240
Processor: Intel i7 cpu 3.8GHz
Memory: 8GB RAM
OS: Windows 7
Temperature for Intel core: 51 C.