Question Blue screen after install ssd m.2 storage (MSI gs65 stealth thin)

Jun 5, 2021
I don't now if this is the right place to make this question, but yesterday I install an m.2 ssd 1tb(PNY CS1030) in my MSI GS65 stealth thin for keep my games in there. In my opinion the operations was right, withouth problems, when i start the PC everything was right, but sudenly my pc starts to give me blue screens or like fast resets when i tried to play a game or doing task that are too heavy like streaming.
The pc gave me diferent errors, like :


So i wan't to know if i broke something when I install the ssd or the ssd came broken or is missing some driver. I've seen some post in forums but the problem still there.
Please i need help :c
Sorry for my english is not my native language.
those errors are more aligned to a fault in the OS or system drivers.
not usually anything to do with a separate physical drive.

you can always check the M.2 manufacturer's product support page for specific drivers related to the drive.

but i would more be under the assumption that something else occurred during the addition of the new drive unrelated to itself. possible bumping\unseating of RAM module, etc.
or that it may just be a coincidence that the errors started happening right after the new addition.

first try updating to the latest of all motherboard related drivers & utilities
and the latest BIOS.
if no improvement, a fresh wipe and install of the OS.
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