Blue screen after installing SP2 on xp pro


Apr 6, 2012
hey guys really need help

basically i built my first PC yesterday and i installed windows xp (only os i have at the moment) and i installed all the drivers and programs i wanted (still on sp1 of course) i installed gpu wireless card games and they worked fine, then i saw that i needed to install windows xp sp2 so i did that closed all programs and ran the setup it worked fine by the looks of it and then i said it was going to restart to finish so it did that, booted fine windows xp professional loading screen came up loaded for a few seconds and then a blur screen flashes and the computer restarts it does the same when i click on last know good configuration, the only thing that works and it boots fine is safe mode.

i videoed it because the screen flash was to fast for me to see, and i paused it on the blue screen.

it said it had been shut down to prevent damage.

there was a stop code at the bottom which was

STOP: 0x0000007e (0xC0000005, 0xB238750, 0xB84C342C, 0xB84C3128)

dont know if that will help but i really need to sort this out as really upset i cant install sp2 so i can install sp3 and get my pc up to date


ASrock N68C-S UCC
amd athlon II x2 4450 @2.8ghz
4gb 1333mhz ddr3 ram
gigabyte nvidia geforce gt 430 1gb
windows xp pro

When you can boot in safe mode, (limited drivers loaded) and cannot boot normal, it usually points to a driver problem.

You could repair-install from CD (I know, your just did the SP2 thing)...
And, you could also procede to sp3 + hot fixes, which is where you should be !

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