[SOLVED] Blue screen and obs problems pleae help!


Mar 3, 2019
Hello, I was recording with obs on my laptop asus vivobook with apu ryzen 7 5700u using gpu enconder.
15 minutes in I got a blue screen (0x000000EF), I checked what it means and updated my amd drivers via their tool.
Next day:
1st try of recording: screen stopped, sound was working, compter restarded manualy
2nd try: started recording, went to a kitchen for 5 minutes and computer was already restarted
3rd try: View: https://i.imgur.com/0Gdbe8K.png

There was no problem with recording before, everything was working fine, no bluescreens, recorded video was smooth as well (I did not change any settings in obs).
There is no problem with laptop at all without recording (I bought it like 3 months ago).
I can try to record with x264 but I would like to resove the cause of this problem just in case.

I am using windows 11
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