Question Blue screen/cant boot but can see all files in asus ez flash 3

Jan 24, 2023
Hey hopefully you guys can help. I got a blue-screen after I had to manually hard restart after a freeze and after failing to boot into windows a few more times I landed in the bios where my main ssd was not showing bootable so I stupidly hit the default button and after this there were now no bootable drives showing.

I did manage to boot once into windows safe mode where I had all my files but can no longer do this. On asus ez flash 3 I can see all my windows files and can see my 2 ssds, so they do show up in this function I can also see 2 more "drives" one showing a boot file with a date of when I originally built it and a small 500 mb drive with a recovery file most likely when i went into recovery mode.

I have an updated flash drive ready with the current bios but hesitant to do that as i am not sure if that will ruin my chances of avoiding a hard windows reinstall as again I see all my indivual folders and files on the ez utility.

Is there any ideas to get my m.2 drive with windows to show up again in the bootable drives?

Tuf gaming b550 plus wifi bios version 1202