Question Blue Screen/Crashing Issues (Video TDR Failure)


Jul 27, 2018
Occasionally, my laptop just randomly freezes up, crashes, and then restarts. Sometimes it shows a blue screen and sometimes it doesn't. It's getting really annoying since sometimes when I type up a doc and it doesn't save or when I'm playing a game and it just crashes. These crashes can happen anytime and that's the thing that's frustrating. You would think there's a pattern, like when I do something really resource-intensive it'll crash, but even when I'm doing nothing and it's just idle, these random crashes can still happen. My speculation is something to do with the GPU. I'm running an external GPU over Expresscard on my laptop to an external monitor and the blue screen error code/message says "video tdr failure, nvlddmkm.sys". One thing to note is that whenever it crashes, the blue screen always shows up on my laptop screen (which I have disabled since I use my monitor) and then the monitor goes blank. I've updated my NVIDIA drivers to the latest version, updated Windows, replugging and plugging back in the GPU and the cables, and it still won't solve my problem. This problem started occurring a few months ago, but now it's gotten more common (Maybe a Windows Update caused it?). As a last resort, should I just wipe and reinstall Windows? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Dell Latitude E6520
  • Windows 10 Pro Version 1909
  • Intel Core i7 2760QM
  • 16GB DDR3
  • 500GB SSD
  • Intel HD 3000 (iGPU)
  • NVIDIA NVS 4200M (dGPU) (Disabled)
  • NVIDIA GTX 670 (eGPU)