Question Blue screen : Error page fault in Nonpaged area

Jan 28, 2020
Pc build :
Msi Z97 Gaming 5
Gigabyte GTX 970
HyperX Fury 2 x 8GB memory
Intel 4790k
Thermaltake 650W PSU
3 SSD / 1 HDD / 1 DVD reader/writer

What I Tried:
Followed some instructions on this site but issue is still there:
1: performed the memory check with windows
2: performed the disk check with windows
3: modified the virtual memory setting in windows
4: Tried reseting PC ..but couldn’t (will explain below)
5: Tried booting with 1 dimm (tried both this way) in a different channel.

problem description:

Originally, when the problem started, the pc would boot normally. After around 5 min, I would get the blue screen with the message : Error Page Fault in Non Paged Area.
After trying step 1-2-3 above, I tried to reset the PC. Now , the PC would get a blue screen woth the same error as soon as it was trying to load Win10.
I Then tried step 5 above, wothout result. I created a bootable USB with win10. Upon booting with the usb , I saw a weird graphic pattern (will try to add a picture soon) then Win10 installer would appear on top of it.
So then in Win10 installer everything looked normal , I tried to install on another SSD formating previous one. When pc would restart after first setup , it would either go on a blackscreen mentionning that win10 wasnt installed properly or going back to the bluescreen.
Out of despair, I used an old Win7 DVD and was able to complete an installation , after windows fix some errors on drive after installation.
In windows 7, while installing original driver with cd ( I got an application In page error).
Error status code : C000009c
Faulting media type : 00000005
In the end, I was still able to get those jnstalled and pc seems to work on Win7, but I really need to figure out the issue and get in back on Win10 since my license was migrated there.

Jan 28, 2020
Just tried the following without success :
Run memtest86 : no error found
Tried spare memory dimms
Tried running pc with minimum (2 dimm, 1 ssd (tried a diff one on second try). I got the same result , error page blue screen upon creating profile in win10.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated , as the only possibility seems to be either cpu/psu/board
Jan 28, 2020
I might have found the reason :
PSU on the brink of breaking (causing error / crash)
When I started my desktop today, there was no light on gpu (nothing on screen) and cpu fan wasn’t running.
I forced the closure of the pc and booted it.
Try to restart and nothing now.
I just hope this psu didn’t damage any other parts in there...🥺