Question blue screen of death help

Aug 5, 2020
two weeks ago to be exact I asked about the blue screen error here; today as of August 19th another blue screen error happened; not heavy-duty tasks was watching a movie. can you please help me with this? it is a new one by the name " IRQL not less or equal, Netfilter sys21573.sys "

in the last post I brought up some statistics on the error which I check and was not correct; including this month, is actually the 4 month I bought this device and including the latest error; I reinstalled windows 3 times with 7 blue screen errors.

to be honest I don't what in the blue sky this error is . the only thing I've installed which ironically is close in the name is the net limiter. and just now I'm finished off of a ram test ( 3 hours to be exact with 13 iterations) and no sign of faulty memory. ran a test with embedded windows diagnostic and no sign of an error.

is it normal for a gaming device or it may-be a faulty ram or hardware issue and should I return it? here I was reading about overvolting and fixing it. I don't how to fix the overvolting if this is the issue

what amazes me is that while gaming there is no sign of an error but during the simple task, it is happening .!!!

any suggestions would be appreciated

the latest DUMP FILE LINK IN ONEDRIVE (happened today august 19th)

my issue two weeks ago



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