Blue screen of death in 6950 crossfire


Sep 13, 2011

I ordered a complete set of parts, some days ago, to build my own pc. Now Im having a really hard time getting the crossfire to work stable.
The problem is; when I enable crossfire, the system will come with the "BSOD" when I use any 3d gaming programs. I've seriously tried everything, new drivers, old drivers, memory check, cpu check, psu check.
All of the above cannot be the problem iam 99% sure of that

I tried to run the cards one at a time. Now here it gets interesting! 1 of the cards works fine when installing the drivers - the other doesnt. the "bad" card will go in BSOD when the drivers are installed and the pc is restarted. BSOD will come every time the "windows is starting screen" appears.
If I insert the "good card" with the bad one and run crossfire, the system will start up fine, but will go into BSOD when I use a 3d program.

So I eventually concluded that the bad card must be faulty and a new one is needed. As a last measurement, I tried the bad card in every PCIe slot. In the first 3 slots, the BSOD will appear at startup. BUT - in the last PCIe slot, the one called PCIE_X4, the card starts up perfectly fine, AND runs crossfire perfectly fine.

So it seams that one of the cards doesnt communicate right with the drivers in the first three pcie slots, but it doesn in the last slot. Really weird.

Anyone with an idea what can be wrong with the card?

Any help is appreciated


Jan 1, 2007
The card BSOD when in 1st 3 slots so no doubt RMA the card.
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