Question Blue screen of death (salvage pictures??)

Mar 21, 2020
So my computer got hacked and basically the person ruined it to the point that I get the blue screen of death and you CANNOT repair it or choose f5 or f4 for safe mode or anything at all. Is there any way to salvage my pictures by taking out the memory from the tower or am I totally screwed?

Microsoft tried to help me get the computer started up and tried to do a system restore but since f5 or even just 5 will not work they told me to use another computer to download windows 10 onto a thumb drive. I have a chrome book that I used to download windows 10 onto a thumb drive and I was wondering if anyone knew how I’d even reinstall it back onto the PC that cannot even be booted in safe mode. I’m supposed to call back Microsoft now that I have windows 10 download on a thumb drive but before I get put onto hold with them for tech support I thought I’d ask someone here first how this might work?

And again, if I can’t get this PC started up again with a reinstall of windows then is there any way at all to salvage my pictures from it by removing the memory drive? Thanks in advance.


Mar 16, 2013
Functionality of the PC and Windows is secondary at this point. Saving your personal data is the first thing.
No reinstall, no "restore"....

Do you have another working PC you can connect this drive to as a secondary drive, and possibly copy the data from it?


Oct 10, 2019
The harddrive can be transferred to a different PC, and you can retrieve your important files and save them somewhere safe.

If you don't want to put a potentially infected harddrive in a different PC, with the risk of further file corruption of the otherwise good PC, you could also download a free Linux distribution of your choice, it just has to be a version that can be run from a thumb drive, then boot from it.

This enables you to browse your drive with the non-recoverable operating system, and retrieve your important files, while it is still mounted in your current PC, and maybe reducing the risk it could potentially be installing a hacked or infected harddrive in a different PC

You don't have to be familiar with Linux, it is very straight forward.

It has been a while since it used one, but if I remember correctly, I used to install Knoppix to a thumb drive, which has worked very well on several ocations
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