Question Blue Screen of Death; Whea Uncorrectable Error stemming from hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe, and pshed.dll

Mar 28, 2020
Hello all,
Thanks in advance for helping me out here...

When putting my PC under some light/moderate stress, I've been receiving a BSOD with the "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" prompt. Initial googling makes me think this is perhaps a driver or hardware issue. The most often occurs when gaming - Tabletop Simulator, GTA, Rust, etc.

To provide some context, I had a similar issue with my last PC build. (Original thread found here.)

On my old PC, I changed my power settings to not let my CPU exceed 99%, per the recommendation of a poster, and that corrected my issue. I've performed the same action on my new PC which hasn't fixed my problem.

BlueScreenView pinpoints hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe, and pshed.dll as being problematic.

Minidump as of 5:38p yesterday
Minidump as of 8:01p yesterday
Minidump as of 7:21 this evening

Computer Specs:
Windows System Information
Speccy Overview

Cause/steps to recreate the issue:
Light/moderate stress on PC, as described above.

What I've done so far:
General troubleshooting online. Reviewed BIOS and didn't see any settings for overclocking, updating GPU drivers, Memory test (all settings, 6 passes, all passed), changed power settings, updated BIOS to latest version.

Purchase date of brought products above:
Black Friday of 2019