Oct 14, 2009
I didn't add or change anything. One morning in the middle of a game I got the blue screen of death. Since then, it has happened more often. It gives me different messages also. So I can't narrow it to one problem. I get; memory_management, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and a couple other ones. Sometimes it has no error code at all. I restored to an earlier version. It happens less, but still happens now. I just downloaded the newest drivers for my Nvidia card, it still blue screened once since. Is it possible I have a stick of memory going bad ? I'm at a loss and afraid of using a registry cleaner due to the horror stories. Please save me from the insanity. :pfff: :heink:


Oct 6, 2009
Most likely it has something to do with memory of some sort. Whether it is actually your RAM or the memory on your video card.

Also heat may be a contributer here since this happens when you play games you might overheat the VRAM and cause it to fault. Check the cables and fans around the card to determine if it is being cooled properly.

As far as the ram same as fowang said check to see if your system ram is faulty. Use MEMTEST86+ to check your RAM.

Post back with your findings!