Blue screen on startup even in safe mode.


Jan 24, 2014
My computer (pretty old Packard bell from 2007) have been working fine with no problems ever since i got it but now i get a blue screen every time i start it. it even crashes in safe mode and when i do a windows start repair. i don't remember installing any new things that might cause it and sometimes i can log in and do stuff for about 30s before it crashes. anyone know what can be the cause and how to fix it? would love any help.
older machine like that:
- look for dust build up in fans that cause the fan to slow down or stop spinning.
(cpu fan, power supply fan, case fan)
sometimes you can just blow the dust out and the fan will start working again.
- sometimes the battery backup for the CMOS settings fail.
This causes the configuration settings to go to the defaults. (ok for older IDE drives bad if you have AHCI)
the battery is good for about 5 years. Check your system time and date when you boot to see if they are correct.
if the time/date is wrong, get a new battery for your motherboard and setup your BIOS settings again.
- real mechanical failures: spinning hard drives fail about 25% the first year, and 15% each year after that. After about 5 years of operation all of them are dead.(operation = powered on) By now, I would be expecting hard drive failures to be popping up. These tend to corrupt the files on the computer and break the OS when the corrupted files get loaded.
run chkdsk /r /f to fix corrupted file system
run sfc.exe /scannow to fix corrupted windows core files
problem: this will not fix the underlining cause of the failure (bearings in the spinning drive wearing out, sector markers out of alignment with drive head server motor stop positions, you have to do a low level format of the drive to fix those)


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