blue screen problems


May 6, 2017
i was wondering if some one can help me and tell me what is causing the problem i custom built my pc i have uploaded my minidump files for you to have a look http://
well, I looked at the most current memory dump. it was caused by a memory error coming out of the nvidia card.

you have various problems with your software:
confirm this is your motherboard:

and update the BIOS, and all of the drivers for windows 7 64 bit
also go into the utilities drirectory and update the asus probe utility (you have the driver from 2009)

at this point you want to remove the overclocking driver:
AODDriver2.sys Tue Oct 29 17:58:36 2013
(just because it is not good to debug with a overclocking driver installed)

hopefully your network driver L1C62x64.sys Thu Sep 20 23:35:28 2012
will have been updated. old network driver mess up streaming, antivirus scanners and nvidia graphics cards that run shadowplay.

you then want to go and update your logitech drivers. you have one from 2008 and it will not likely work correctly with a bios dated after 2012.
: Logitech Camera driver,en
LVUSBS64.sys Sat Jul 26 08:06:36 2008

you should uninstall this driver:
ScpVBus.sys Sun May 5 14:31:26 2013
(it corrupts memory, there is not a update)

you should update your xbox driver
xusb21.sys Thu Aug 13 15:10:17 2009
it corrupts memory and was fixed in 2012

see if that helps, if you get a new bugcheck, put it up and post a link.
note: I have no idea which (if any of the above) problem caused the bugcheck. you can not tell at this point in when the system crashed. It could also be overheating of the CPU, PSU or GPU. if the system is old, you want to blow the dust out of the fans and make sure all the fans are spinning at full speed.


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