blue screen stop 0x000000f4 error


Jan 24, 2015
Hello, so I have been getting this error for 3 days now.
I usually get it when playing a video game, but sometimes even when just randomly browsing the internet. I have tried running RegCurePro to fix system problems and nothing. A friend told me to only use 1 memory ram at a time (I currently have 2) to see if that memory is the problem. Getting blue screen with both.

What is causing the problem, and is there any way to fix it ?

Thank you in advance.
basically a critical windows process died. Some windows processes will check for modification of their data and will shut down windows if it gets modified.

there are lots of causes for this:
I would run malwarebytes scan first
then run cmd.exe as an admin and start the command
sfc.exe /scannow
and confirm your system files have not been modified.
if these look good, then I would run a hardware test on the memory
(run memtest86.exe on its own boot image)

if memtest86 runs without errors, the next most likely cause (that is not malware) would be certain device drivers that have bugs that cause your windows system memory to become corrupted. These bugs are very common with outdated motherboard BIOS versions, and older USB drivers. it is always good to update your BIOS and any drivers for your motherboard before you spend too much time trying to figure out this type of failure.

overall, I would update the BIOS, any drivers I could find, then do the malwarebytes scan, then run the memory test. if I don't find anything you would then put a current memory .dmp file on a server and have someone look at it or attempt to use a tool like bluescreenview.exe to take a look.
With windows 7 you have to do a repair with a good windows CD image to fix corrupted files.
I would just google on how to repair the corrupted files, or look at the log and see what files were corrupted and just replace them. I would also run a malwarebytes scan.
also, after you fix the problem, you will want to reboot and run the sfc.exe /scannow command again and check that the problem remains fixed. (malware will revert the changes a right after you fix them)

With windows 8.x you can use the
dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth


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